Sir David Attenborough at Doc/Fest

Sheffield Doc/Fest welcomes documentary giant Sir David Attenborough to Festival for the first time

Monday 13 June, 15.30, Crucible Theatre

Sheffield Doc/Fest is thrilled to welcome world-renowned naturalist Sir David Attenborough to the Festival for the first time to discuss his long and celebrated career, and talk about the future of television and media.
Says Liz McIntyre, Sheffield Doc/Fest CEO & Festival Director, “The Festival is honoured to be welcoming Sir David to Sheffield. He is a giant of the documentary world, whose (natural history) adventures and films are epic, groundbreaking and a feast for the eyes and mind. Across the broadcasting world his contribution spanning 64 years continues to be extraordinary and an inspiration to new filmmakers around the world ”.
Long established as the world’s leading natural history documentarian and presenter, Sir David’s long and illustrious career has also included the highest-level work off screen, as Controller of BBC2, and Director of Programmes across the BBC. He has been responsible for commissioning many innovative titles over the years, including the 13 part documentary television series The Ascent of Man. In 1966 Attenborough oversaw the introduction of colour television to Britain and in 1969 he was responsible for clearing the BBC schedule for the moon landing.


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